New resources on Pulmonary Fibrosis

A few weeks ago while organizing our campaign for Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness day I came across an interesting blog. Dr. David Lederer is a pulmonologist based in New York City, USA and he writes about pulmonary fibrosis. What's great about Dr. Lederers' initiative is that he takes the time to explain things really well to his readers. Plus, coming from a doctor's perspective, his opinions and advice are definitely reassuring and medically sound.

I've been following his blog for the past few weeks and he has written several interesting posts on IPF and how you should deal with it. You should check out his article the internet said I have 3 years to live and why you should use oxygen if you have PF amongst several others.

Through his blog I found another interesting research program led by Dr. Swigris. It's called the P3F Registry and is basically an effort to collect data on patients suffering from Pulmonary Fibrosis. Researchers are hoping that data collection on a large scale will help them pinpoint effective treatment methods. You can participate from anywhere around the world (everything is online) and maybe you will help them find an effective remedy for certain issues. Check out the website for P3F.

I hope reading Dr. Lederers' blog will help you gain valuable insight into this disease. A lot of readers' have been asking about Stem Cell treatments for Pulmonary Fibrosis. I will be writing about these in the next post. However, please be advised that right now, Lung Transplant is the only real treatment option that is proven to be effective for IPF patients.

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